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GunMission v1.1 Update!

2014-07-20 16:41:43 by RyThom

Hey Newgrounds!

So, I've gotta let you guys know, it's been great being here for the last couple of weeks.

I used to be a film producer, but became disenfranchised with the entire idea of making films after taking abuse not only in the marketplace, but on the internet.  There came a point where I just had to stop reading YouTube comments - they were ruining my days.

Since I couldn't take the film industry anymore, I searched for other creative outlets.  I had always wanted to make video games - even moreso than films, honestly - however anything beyond entry-level coding was just beyond my reach.  Fortunately, code-free game creation tools came along and changed my life.

I've gotta admit, when I completed my first game (GunMission) and uploaded it to Newgrounds, I was nervous.  I saw the YouTube comments all over again...what was I opening myself up for?  But I couldn't have been more wrong.  The Newgrounds community has been, in a word, amazing.  I can't believe the sheer number of thoughtful reviews and comments I've received on my game!

So, this update is for all of you who played GunMission and liked it enough to tell me how to make it better.

Thank you!!



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2014-07-20 23:05:08

Honestly, just turn off the comments on Youtube; people aren't being enormous assholes because they don't like your films, their being enormous assholes because it's Youtube and Youtube is occupied by trolls.


2014-08-22 15:04:26

I really enjoyed Gun Mission! It left me wanting more :)

Terrific work dude. Totally took me back to the golden age of 1st/2nd gen console gaming. The music was great too! Awesome chiptunes feel and really catchy. Again great work.

RyThom responds:

Thank you very much! I'm glad you had a good time with the game and that it took you back to the good days!

I'm working on GunMission 2 whenever I can spare the time. It's going in a slightly different direction from the original. Not like, Zelda 2 different, but different :)